Paolo Venini

Two tone blown hourglass

Design by Paolo Venini in 1957 and the same year exhibited at the XIth Milan Triennale

Flow time 2 minutes

Acid stamp Venini

H 18,5 cm D 7 cm

Seguso Vetri D'arte

Seguso Vetri d’Arte

Designer: Mario Pinzoni

Cavallo Blu, 1969 – Sommerso

Depicted in: Seguso Vetri d’Arte 
Objects from Murano ( 1932 – 1973 )
Author: Marc Heiremans

Height : 44 cm


Vittorio Costantini butterfly

Vittorio Costantini (1944)

L: Monarch butterfly
Danaus plexippus


Length: 6 cm
R: Glasswinged butterfly
Greta oto


Length: 5 cm

Venini Coccio

Venini Cocchio Vaso

Ludovico Diaz de Santillana

Ivory glass with inclusion of amber murrines

H 16 cm Diam. 18 cm

Eighties 20th century, Marked Venini

Giampaolo Seguso

Giampaolo Seguso (1942-2023)

Vaso Vago, signed

Edizione 50/99

Flat, oval section bowl in clear glass featuring black ‘mezza filigrana’
on the bottom part and, white ‘mezza filigrana’ on the upper part
joining them with a way effect in the center.

Depicted in: La Galleria de 99 La Ragnatella on the front cover

H 21 cm

Vittorio Costantini

Vittorio Costantini (1944)

Flowers, signed

H 4,5 cm  and  H 7 cm

Murano Giampaolo Seguso Glassart

Giampaolo Seguso (1942-2023)

Vase Perla, signed

Doppio Incalmo Diagonale con Occhi, Edizione 99
Depicted in: La Galleria dei 99 L’Incalmo, Rosa Barovier Mentasi
Enzo Pifferi Editore, 1994

H 40 cm


Vittorio Costantini (1944)

Vittorio Costantini (1944)


Decroid head, signed

Length 11 cm




Giampaolo Seguso (1942-2023)

Blue with a strip of red murrines

Unicum, signed

H 37 cm



Vittorio Costantini

Vittorio Costantini (1944)

Italian sparrow

Passer italiae

H 4,5 cm



Pino Signoretto

Pino Signoretto (1944-2017)

Block Goggles + Squid

Unicum, signed

H 26 cm  W 23 cm