Pavel Hlava

Pavel Hlava (1924-2003)

Title: Drop

Wedge-shaped vases with coloured
underlays and shaped cores,
cut and polished


Objects from 1960’s until 1980’s are marked by factory sticker
or engraved mark Egermann or Exbor

Including factory box

L to R: H 25,5 cm,  15 cm, 20 cm, 16 cm



Tapio Wirkkala

Tapio Wirkkala (1915-1985)

Signed: Tapio Wirkkala 6433
Mid 20th century,
transparant glass footed bowl

H 17  W 31 cm

Jan Stohanzl

Jan Stohanzl (1948)

One of a kind

Signed, 1972

H 25 cm W 8 cm



Bertil Vallien

Bertil Vallien (1938)

Blue head + inside head

Sand-cast glass

Signed and numbered

H 21 cm  W 12 cm  D 20 cm

Height including pedestal 165 cm

Also see:

Timo Sarpaneva

Timo Sarpaneva (1926-2006)

‘Aava’ glass decanter

Signed on the bottom:
Venini 91 Sarpaneva

Incalmo technique

H 38 cm and 34 cm

Marvin Lipofsky

Marvin Lipofsky (1938-2016)


Sculpture, Organic, Colorful Pattern

Executed at the IGS, 1988 Nový Bor
(International Glass Symposium)

H  36 cm  W 38 cm

Not signed

Provenance: Egermann Nový Bor

Jaroslav Brychta

Jaroslav Brychta (1895-1971)


Approx. 1930

H 18 cm  W 22 cm


Miloslav Klinger

Miloslav Klinger (1922-1999)

Seated woman

Signed, 1964

H 18 cm  B 18 cm


Pavel Hlava (1924-2003)

Vase object, approx. 1960

Vibro-engraved signature under the bottom and HP in a circle.

H 35,2 cm

Colorless, yellow and selenium colored glass with optical fibres,
mold-blown and pierced. A simular object is depicted in:
Helmut Ricke: Czech Glass 1945-1980
Vases like this one are part of the collection for the
12th Triennial in Milan (1966)

Provenance: Gallery Broft, Leerdam



Jaroslav Brychta

Jaroslav Brychta (1895-1971)


Executed by Stanislav Halama

Aprox. 1930

H 7 cm


Erkin Saygi

Erkin Saygi (1945)

Cam Atölyesi: cutting, carving, grinding
and eroding by hand through traditional
and ancient methods


Diameter: 29 cm




Jaroslav Brychta

Jaroslav Brychta (1895-1971)

Fisherman figurine

Executed by Stanislav Halama

Aprox. 1930

H  18 cm


Andrij Bokotey (1938)


Glass Plate

Signed, 2005

Diameter: 55 cm