Diah Yulianti

Diah Yulianti

Oil on canvas, Signed

Lombok, Summer 2018
before the earthquake

H 100 cm W 90 cm

Kartika Affandi

Kartika Affandi

Title: Father

Acryl on canvas, 2003

Depicted in Catalogue:
Galeri Nasional, Jakarta
Solo exhibition, 2004


H 40 cm  B 30 cm




Sudarso (1914-2006)


Oil on canvas, 1998


H 115 cm W 74 cm

Depicted in: The World of Sudarso, Hexart publishing Jakarta, 2005

Made Wianta

Made Wianta (1949-2020)

Mixed media on canvas

Signed: M. Wianta, 1995

H 22 cm  W 32 cm


S. Teddy D. (1970-2016)

Self Portrait with Dark Head

Acryl on canvas, 2004

Depicted in: Culturen in Contact II, 2003


H 90 cm  W 70 cm


Dullah (1919-1996)

Oil on canvas

H 62 cm  B 54 cm



Maryati Affandi (1916-1991)

Barong Dance, Bali

Embroidery, Signed MA

20th century, 1970 – 1980

H 87 cm  W 112 cm

S. Teddy D. (1970-2016)

Oil on canvas, 2004

H 50 cm  W 21,5 cm



Kartika Affandi, Maryati Affandi, Affandi, Museum Affandi

Affandi (1907-1990)

Portrait study, Helfi

Oil on canvas, 1977


In handwriting on the reverse:
Affandi Mijn kleine dochter
(must be: Mijn kleindochter=
My granddaughter).

H 45 cm  W 35 cm

Widayat (1919-2002)

Self Portrait Fisherman’s Family

Gouache, 1994


H 77,5 cm  W 52,5 cm

Kartika Affandi, Maryati Affandi, Affandi, Museum Affandi

Kartika Affandi


Acryl on canvas, 2016


H 100 cm  W 200 cm

Eddie Hara

Oil on canvas


H 70 cm  W 50 cm

Alimin Tamin (1932-2004)

Balinese boy with umbilical cord on necklace

Chalk on paper, 1980


H 37 cm  W 37 cm


S. Teddy D. (1970-2016)

Tsunami Aceh, 2004
(sales proceeds were donated
to victims of the tsunami)

Acryl on canvas, 2005


H 150 cm  B 100 cm

Agung Kurniawan

Studi morfologi manusia Indonesia

Charcoal, conte, pastel on paper 1996


H 90 cm  W 64 cm

Provenance: Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta