Miloslav Klinger

Miloslav Klinger (1922-1999)

Seated woman

Signed, 1964

H 18 cm  B 18 cm

Pavel Hlava

Pavel Hlava (1924-2003)

Wedge-shaped vases with coloured
underlays and shaped cores,
cut and polished


Objects from 1960’s until 1980’s are marked by factory sticker
or engraved mark Egermann or Exbor

Including factory box

L to R: H 25,5 cm,  15 cm, 20 cm, 16 cm



Jaroslav Brychta

Jaroslav Brychta (1895-1971)


Made by Stanislav Halama

Aprox. 1930

H 7 cm


Erkin Saygi

Erkin Saygi (1945)

Cam Atölyesi: cutting, carving, grinding
and eroding by hand through traditional
and ancient methods


Diameter: 29 cm





Andrij Bokotey (1938)


Glass Plate

Signed, 2005

Diameter: 55 cm